Welcome to the Givinga Foundation

Welcome to the Givinga Foundation

If you were asked to describe a philanthropist what words would you use? Passionate? Proactive? Connected? Wealthy? Their club is exclusive, with unlimited access to expensive state-of-the- art products and concierge services designed to maximize their impact.

For most of us, who are equally passionate about giving but lack the wealth and resources, becoming a philanthropist feels unattainable and our giving strategies suffer. Our activity is more reactive and inconsistent and the tools at our disposal make giving easy but highly inefficient. Fees are high and “middlemen” take an extraordinary cut- reducing our individual influence and eroding our impact.

This old world “giving divide” has existed for a long time but we believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Welcome to the new world of Philantech where access to philanthropic vehicles combined with financial technology gives anyone the power to be a philanthropist.

You see, one of technology’s great attributes is its ability to democratize. To level playing fields. Technology empowers creativity and fosters innovation. It provides access. It unlocks potential and releases the power of the individual. You’ve seen it transform old industry models from Fintech to Biotech, Heathtech and Edtech and you’re about to see it transform ours.

We’ve re-designed the world’s coolest giving vehicle, the Donor Advised Fund, and wrapped it with cutting edge financial technology giving donors of any size the power to innovate and resources to maximize their impact.

Never heard of a Donor Advised Fund? Don’t worry, most people haven’t. Created over 75 years ago, the DAF was designed to give small and mid-sized philanthropists a vehicle to organize their giving strategies and maximize their impact. Similar to a 401(k), a 529 college fund or your HSA at work, a DAF gives you immediate tax deductions and the ability to manage your giving over time. We believe that the DAF is one of the most efficient and effective giving vehicles in the market today but, unfortunately, most DAF’s have been priced and designed to benefit only the wealthiest of philanthropists.

Our platform unlocks access to the Donor Advised Fund giving you the power to, connect, innovate and create and our technology gives you access to every tool you need to give with impact. Account holders with the Givinga Foundation can create individual or pooled giving accounts, tap into social networks, run customized campaigns and give to over 1.5 million charitable organizations. Combine this with no minimums, no annual fees and 100% of proceeds donated to charity and you have a giving platform that is both accessible and impactful.

So, whether you are a company looking to connect with your employees and customers or an individual looking to make a larger impact we created this Foundation for you. Giving with Access is Givinga. And the Givinga Foundation gives you the power to give good.

“-Joe Phoenix, President of the Board of Directors”