Donor Advised Funds for Everyone

No minimum, fee free accounts

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to make an impact. Our donor advised accounts maximize tax benefits and savings by eliminating high minimum balance requirements with no hidden costs

Open access to technology and tools

We developed an open API platform that we invite individuals and companies to utilize. Our goal is to activate new ways of engaging and rewarding good giving

Connect to your charities and causes

With access to over 1.8 million charities, you can support all your favorites, while finding some great new ones. Our accounts bring together all of your charitable giving so you can be dedicated to the causes you are passionate about

How it Works

By breaking down barriers to entry, we reinvented the donor advised fund to give anyone easy access to good giving. Our philanthropic platform provides everyone the equal opportunity to make the most of their impact.


About Us

The Givinga Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to making giving better. After recognizing the lack of access, we introduced our donor advised funds so that anyone can be a philanthropist.

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