How it Works

Donor Advised Funds for Everyone

Donor advised funds (DAFs) support charitable giving by maximizing tax savings and tax free investment returns; however, with an average account balance of $234k, high minimum requirements and ongoing management fees, these accounts have primarily been used by high net worth individuals.

The Givinga Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that provides universal access by removing financial barriers to entry with no minimum balance required, fee free accounts that maximize the impact of your charitable donations.

Our technology platform partner, Givinga Inc., provides full access to our philanthropic technology designed to find innovative new ways to engage today’s purpose driven consumer and employee.


No fees. No minimums

100% of all donations go to charity

Web based administration

Access to over 1.8 million charities

Flexibility & control

How it Works

3 basic activities that occur in the use of a DAF:

Maximize Tax Savings

By making contributions of cash, or other assets, all deposits are considered by the IRS to be tax-deductible contributions.

Grow Your Assets, Tax Free

All assets in a DAF can be invested and deliver returns that are tax free.

Support Charities

The donor advises the Sponsoring Organization to make grants out of their DAF account to approved charities.


Accelerate tax deductions

The tax-deductible activity takes place when the funds are deposited into your account, which allows for strategic planning and “bunching” of donations to help control your tax liability.

Contribute cash, securities, mutual fund, real estate

The flexibility of a DAF makes it easy to contribute almost anything of value and receive a tax deduction for its current value while avoiding capital gains tax.

Generate a return to fund future giving

Invest the balance of your DAF to generate a return on your funds before they are donated to a charitable organization, giving you advisory control over the gains without the capital gains tax.