Partnering with Nonprofits

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Dedicated to making giving better, the Givinga Foundation offers donor advised funds with no minimum balance required, an open API platform, and connections to over 1.8M charities. We enable more people to give collectively to nonprofits, by allowing individuals and companies the opportunity to access our philanthropic technology. As a 501c3 sponsoring organization, the Givinga Foundation works with a variety of marketplace partners to direct funds to nonprofits.

Our mission is to modernize giving and find new and innovative ways to engage audiences in charitable giving. We are committed to supporting our nonprofits and welcome the opportunity to partner with you to engage more donors to your cause and eliminate costs of giving.

Sign up for E-Payments

Like a majority of our nonprofit partners, receive your donations faster and safer by signing up for electronic payments. No need to worry about mailed or lost checks. Signing up also improves the experience of your donors, as we will update them on when their donation is sent, received, and deposited by you. Within the Givinga Foundation’s work to improve the giving experience by lowering costs for charities, ePayments are used to help charities access the benefits of modern giving they deserve.

Meet Abbie, Your Charity Relations Associate

Interested in learning more about the Givinga Foundation or the donations you receive? Abbie provides support for any charity that receives donations from our donor advised funds, dedicated to making the end of the donation process as smooth as possible.

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Are you a nonprofit looking to sign up for electronic billing? Getting started is easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my organization receive a check from the Givinga Foundation?
The Givinga Foundation is a philanthropic software company that powers corporate and consumer giving for a multitude of partners and platforms globally. The check you received may include one or more individual donations, matching funds, or corporate grants from our clients. We provide the information about your grant in the notification with the grant.

As all grants are made from a Donor Advised Funds at the Givinga Foundation, we kindly request that you do not send tax receipts to either the Givinga Foundation or the Account Holder.

How often do we process disbursements?
All available, approved funds are processed weekly. The Givinga Foundation is committed to distributing funds safely, securely and IRS compliant. Funds that require approval from our partners may need more time. Additionally, if your nonprofit is not signed up for electronic payments, there could be a delay up to 45 days. To get your funds safer and faster, sign up for electronic payments using the form above.

Why did I receive a donation without donor data?
When making a donation, our donors have the ability to choose how they wish to donate, including how much information they wish to provide. They are given the option to provide their name, contact information and location, or they can donate anonymously.

How do i get more donor data?
Unfortunately, all of the information we have about the donation is listed on the notification we send with the grant. As donors get to choose how much information they provide with their donation, we cannot guarantee donor information with each grant. We thank you for your understanding.

How do i sign up for e-payments?
There are two steps to signing up for e-payments with the Givinga Foundation. 1) Please fill out the “Sign Up for E-Payments” form on this nonprofits page. 2) Within 24 hours, you will receive an email to confirm your organization’s account with Once the confirmation is complete, the Givinga Foundation will be able to send your organization donations electronically!

is signing up for e-payments free?
Yes. There is no cost for a nonprofit to create an account in order to receive electronic payments.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to message [email protected].