Uplifting Our Charity Network

The Charity Portal is a free, all-in-one platform designed to enable charities of all sizes to control their impact experience on their terms, with access and insight into their donations from Givinga Foundation’s network of philanthropic brands and donors. Build a community of connection and transparency with the ability to customize donor-facing content and access donation records, donor information, and easy electronic payment setup.

Administrative Ease: All donations and available insight in one place for ease of insight, management and control.

Financial Technology: Transparent, quick and secure donation delivery with full tracking and reporting.

Corporate Giving Access: Connectivity to learn more about the philanthropic network supporting you and your cause.

Access the benefits of modern giving

1) Claim Your Charity

The tax-deductible activity takes place when the funds are deposited into your account, which allows for strategic planning and “bunching” of donations to help control your tax liability.

2) Unlock E-Payments

Manage payment method, including an e-payment option for faster, safer and more transparent donation distribution.

3) Access Donation Reports

Explore available donor details and downloadable donation reports for insight into our network of philanthropic brands.

You’ll be in good company

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my organization receive a check from the Givinga Foundation?

The Givinga Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity and sponsoring organization dedicated to removing the financial barriers to charitable giving. By reimagining Donor Advised Funds and working with technology partner Givinga, Inc. to offer access to charitable giving experiences, we give brands the opportunity to find new and innovative ways to process donations, maximizing their community’s impact and better supporting charities. 

The check you received may include one or more individual donations, matching funds, or corporate grants from these leading enterprise companies and their giving programs.

How do i get more donor data?

All available donor data, which may include the donor name, address, email, and associated notes, are listed per donation in the Charity Portal. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee donor information with each donation, as donors choose how much information they want to provide with their gift. We thank you for your understanding.


The Givinga Foundation partners with Givinga, Inc., a philanthropic technology company, to democratize giving and make philanthropy more accessible to more companies and individual donors via a B2B model. Breaking down barriers to entry and creating equity among givers enables us to make our charitable giving accounts available to companies of all sizes and industries. 

Companies, Givinga, Inc.’s clients, then have the ability to build a giving experience or program that fits their goals and their communities’ needs—which may include integrating employee giving accounts into a workplace experience or providing the opportunity for consumers to give back within a brand’s experience. From there, the Givinga Foundation processes the donations—the donations you receive from us—providing an opportunity to give that is both accessible and impactful.


Our Charity Support Team provides support for any charity that receives donations from our donor advised funds, dedicated to making the donation delivery process as smooth as possible.