Supporting Earthquake Relief Efforts in Haiti

Supporting Earthquake Relief Efforts in Haiti

On Saturday, August 14th, Haiti was struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that has resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries, as well as the destruction of countless homes and businesses. While various countries and international aid organizations have offered to support national relief efforts we wanted to further highlight a few charities that are accepting donations to help those in Haiti.

What We Know About the Haiti Earthquake

Based on various reports, the Southern and Western parts of Haiti have borne the brunt of the earthquake, with the Sud, Grand’Anse, and Nippes departments facing the greatest amounts of destruction. According to Haiti’s civil protection agency, the death toll has climbed to 1,941 and more than 9,915 people have been injured, with the figures expected to increase as search and rescue teams and volunteers continue their search for survivors. Along with this, churches, hotels, hospitals, houses, and schools across the country have sustained great damage, leaving many homeless and seeking shelter.  

While humanitarian efforts are underway to provide assistance to the victims of this deadly earthquake, several powerful aftershocks, the ravaging coronavirus pandemic, and Haiti’s current political crisis have worsened an already dire situation. To make matters worse, several hospitals have been damaged or destroyed, with those continuing to operate being overwhelmed as a result of insufficient medical personnel and supplies. And, the devastation could soon worsen as tropical depression grace descended upon Haiti on Monday evening.

How You Can Support Haiti

Since the earthquake first rocked southwestern Haiti, several international agencies and foreign governments have expressed their support for the country. In order to avoid the fund mismanagement controversies surrounding certain international organization’s responses to Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, the UN is working closely with the government and aid organizations to ensure an efficient and well-targeted response. To support national response efforts, we at the Givinga Foundation and Givinga have composed a list of organizations that you can support to help those in Haiti directly affected by this devastating earthquake.



Through partnerships with aviation and logistics institutions, Airlink actively works to transport relief and emergency supplies to NGOs responding to global disasters and other humanitarian crises.

EIN: 37-1710848

American Jewish World Service:

The American Jewish World Service is committed to alleviating poverty, hunger, and disease among all people of the developing world. 

EIN: 22-2584370


CARE is a leading humanitarian organization that is dedicated to end poverty and achieve social justice in order to improve the lives of women, girls, and vulnerable populations around the world.

EIN: 13-1685039

Center for Disaster Philanthropy:

As a full-time resource, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy is dedicated to helping donors maximize their disaster-related impact and meeting the needs of vulnerable populations around the world in times of crisis 

EIN: 45-5257937

Convoy of Hope:

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that provides assistance to impoverished individuals and families through community feeding initiatives and disaster response. 

EIN: 68-0051386

Doctors Without Borders:

Working to provide medical aid where it is needed most, Doctors Without Borders provides support to populations in distress and to victims of natural disasters or armed conflicts. 

EIN: 13-3433452

Hope for Haiti:

By providing support and partnership for the Haitian people on a daily basis, Hope for Haiti is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Haitian people.

EIN: 59-3564329

Team Rubicon:

By mobilizing veterans to continue their service in combination with first responders, Team Rubicon is working to deploy emergency response teams to areas affected by natural and man-made disasters. 

EIN: 27-1720480

The Ayiti Community Trust:

Run by Haitians and diaspora members, The Ayiti Community Trust is committed to supporting Haiti’s long-term development and providing resources to Haitian communities affected by natural disasters. 

EIN: 81-4814751

World Central Kitchen:

World Central Kitchen is dedicated to strengthening and supporting communities around the world by providing meals to individuals in the wake of natural disasters. 

EIN: 27-3521132